When you get all the ingredients for a cake or casserole together and in the oven, you’ve got a little intermission time–to clean up, set the table, or whatever.

When all the elements of your manuscript have been sent on to be shaped into a real book, there’s a lull. Yes, I already have ideas for the next book, but I’ve also had the urge to clean up, eliminate some piles, even purge some (gulp) books.

I don’t have a cover to show you yet, but how about my mother-in-law, who just turned 100, with her two sons?

Centenarian Carol Walker Kidney Herman, with Guy and Vey Kidney. Guy is 14 years older than Vey, who lives in Indiana. Last time Vey was back to Iowa, he hauled the old Fordson tractor back to Indiana. I asked why there’s a lemon in a vase with a leaf but Guy said it’s a tulip. I wonder where someone found a tulip in September.

And part of the area I cleaned up today.

It was 48 degrees this morning, feels like autumn, so it’s time to put orange things on the front porch.

So this is intermission. Stay tuned for a book cover for What Leora Never Knew: A Granddaughter’s Quest for Answers, which is my journey to try to learn what happened to the three Wilson brothers who were lost during WWII. What happened to one is still a mystery, but how another was located and identified is so compelling. This is the companion book to Leora’s Letters, revealing details that Grandma Leora could not have known.


    • Adelheid, my mother, her sister, and their mother all lived to the age of 97. I’ll be 80 next year, but I’ve lived with fibromyalgia for the last 22 of them. I don’t know whether I want to live that long feeling so crummy much of the time! Aging gratefully, God’s in charge of it.

  1. I love your thoughts about cakes and books…and intermissions while they’re “baking”.
    Cheers to you for taking the time to purge and tidy. I find autumn pushes me to do the same…the change in seasons is afoot here, too (it was also 48 degrees here this morning). Love the photos — your ‘orange things’ and the lovely pic of Carol and sons. Belated Happy Birthday to her! 🥰

  2. Happy birthday to Carol! Guy strongly resembles his mother, who looks very good for her age. It appears that you’ve got a huge load of shoveling out to do! But starting is half the battle. Good luck, Joy! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to your mother- in- law! I love your ‘pops’ of orange. Congrats on all your organizing…it is a lot to do! Best of luck with the newest book!!!

  4. Kudos to you for finishing another book, Joy, especially considering your own admission (to Adelheid, above) of “feeling crummy so much of the time.” Tackling your office clean-up is also a greater challenge under such circumstances. I admire your tenacity!

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