Needs Just Five More Reviews!

I don’t check Amazon for book reviews very often, but someone mentioned that having 50 reviews was a threshold for Amazon’s analytics to perk up about a book. When I checked Leora’s Dexter Stories, it had 45 reviews.

After I posted this request on social media sites, another author downloaded the ebook and has already sent a charming meme for it! What an encouragement!

#kindlequotes is something new to me. Here’s how to create them if you’ve got an iPhone.

Keith Adkins, who did this one, says he created it on his Kindle, and that he’d discovered how to do it by accident. He highlighted the text, copied it, and posted. At that point, he said you can choose from 6 different backgrounds. I’ll have to check that out. (Keith also just reviewed the book, so it only needs four more to reach 50!)

A big thank you to several of you who follow my website and reviewed Leora’s Dexter Stories last year: Liz, Luanne, Mary, Kayleen, Darin, Dave, Patti, and Bob!


  1. I’ll head on over there, Joy, but the last time I tried to do a review on Amazon, they told me I haven’t spent enough money. Nice people, eh?

    • I’ve heard you’ve got to spend $50 with them, but since I’m largely housebound, Amazon is such a blessing that I’m a regular. They are also very fair with those who publish with their KDP!

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