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About Me

I am the keeper of family letters, pictures, combat records, telegrams, research, and casualty reports. And I volunteer for the Dexter Museum–which has a display about Dallas County’s Wilson brothers–and am active on several history and military Facebook pages, administering some local ones.
Born two days before D-Day to an Iowa farmer who became a pilot, then an instructor–with orders for combat when the war ended–and an Iowa girl who lost three of her five brothers during that war. I spent my childhood in a farmhouse with a front porch on Old Creamery Road south of Dexter, Iowa. Now I live with my husband, a Vietnam veteran, in a suburban house with a front porch.
A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, I’ve published two genealogies, as well as dozens of essays in newspapers and magazines, including Midwest Living and The Des Moines Register.