Climbing the Watertower

Leora Wilson took this photo decades after Delbert climbed the Dexter watertower.

Delbert and Donald Wilson were juniors in 1931. The juniors and seniors had rivalries with their class colors, one class posting their ribbons around town, the other replacing them with their own colors.

Delbert climbed  the watertower and tied the junior class colors to the top of it. No senior would climb up to replace them, so they fluttered there until they wore out.

Leora’s note on the back of the photo.


  1. I know another teenager who climbed the Dexter water tower in 1961. Not mentioning any names, but Delbert was an uncle of that person!

    • Well, how did I miss that historic episode??? I knew about climbing the watertower near your farm, but not about Dexter! (We were out there for haircuts this morning, so we got to see the famous watertower.)

  2. Yikes! Delbert must not have been bothered by heights. I wonder if his brother tried to dissuade him. Nowadays they’d make it a TikTok challenge and the water tower would bend with all the highschoolers on it. 🙂

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