Five Surprising Things about Author Robert Frohlich

Robert’s surprising answers:

1. Was found unconscious in the school restroom. (Inept gymnast.)
2. Fixed a truck with baling wire and drove it home.
3. Skied in the Bavarian Alps.
4. Enjoyed a European vacation for $24.
5. Was a gasoline thief and a hero at the same time.
This heroic gasoline thief has written a compelling memoir.
“Why am I still alive?” That question was in the back of his mind when in 1965, Robert Frohlich was headed out towards Arizona to look for a job after serving in the army for three years. Escaping a splintered family and a troubled past, his car broke down in Wisconsin.
Through a series of events that involved finding life-long friends, stable work, and the love of his life, he never left, finally finding a place to stay after wandering for most of his life. However, that was not the first time God caused Robert’s life to change direction, nor will it be the last. By learning to trust in the Lord and let things come as they may, Robert has led a fulfilling life serving God, his family, and his community.
Aimless Life, Awesome God is the story of Robert Frohlich, but it is also the story of anyone willing to let God redirect their lives according to His awesome plan.
What an amazing life, an amazing story of God’s hand on one man, in spite of a broken childhood and even poor choices. I love stories that show God’s surprising nudges in a life through the decades, and the influence of that life on those around him.
His website is full of uplifting stories. I hope he’ll share blog posts about some of those five things we don’t not know about him!
Here’s a delightful one called “The Big Green Pickle.”
Robert has also had two stories produced on Our American Stories. Wheels. Hmm, they seem to have a pretty strong theme through his life.
Learning to Drive lasts a delightful 19 minutes.
3, 2, 1, You’re It! is an 11-minute story.


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