The First Review on Amazon for “What Leora Never Knew”

True American Heroes by Robert Frohlich

When I received my copy of “What Leora Never Knew”, Joy Neal Kidney’s fourth book, I read it in one afternoon, intrigued by the tale illustrated with documents and photos. I wanted to cry when I read the toneless telegrams which announced one tragedy after another; “The Secretary of War desires me to express his regrets…”.

Joy Neal Kidney writes in sparse midwestern prose which only emphasizes the drama of each episode. The family carries on, waiting with hope for more news of sons missing in action. Life goes on; the family regroups, comforting Leora while sharing in her grief.

In her first three books, Joy Neal Kidney gave us a dramatic look at the history of one Iowa family, one small slice of America, where ordinary people live, strive, and sacrifice. The first book “Leora’s Letters” tells of the true story of a family that loses three of five sons to World War II. Now, in her latest book, Kidney, through painstaking research, paints a detailed picture of the lives of these three men, her uncles.

You should read this book, not because it’s a sad tale. It is really a heroic tale, representing all those ordinary farm boys, truck drivers, and factory workers who left their honest work to lay their lives on the line for their country. We owe them a debt that can only be repaid by our willingness to live up to their dedication and love for this country.

Who is Robert Frohlich? (His wife made the quilt the book is lying on!)


  1. Excellent review, Joy. I hope I even come close to Mr. Frohlich’s eloquence when i write mine.
    (I was humbled to see GP listed in the acknowledgements, thank you.)

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