Military Service Members Related to Leora Wilson

Someone mentioned that Leora Wilson seemed to have several family members who’ve served in the armed forces, so I decided to see if I could come up with a list. Here’s what I found:

World War I

Three brothers: Merl, Wayne, and Jennings Goff–served in France with the 88th Division

World War II

Rolla Goff


Clarence (C.Z.) Goff, an earlier photo


Two brothers: Rolla and Clarence Goff.

I think Merl Goff also did war work.

Five sons Delbert, Donald, Dale, Daniel, and Junior

Delbert and Donald served in the U.S. Navy. Delbert’s service. Donald’s.

Dale, Danny, and Junior were pilots in the U.S. Army Air Force.

Dale Wilson, a B-25 copilot, was lost in combat off New Guinea. Danny Wilson, a P-38 pilot, was KIA in Austria. Junior Wilson’s P-40 exploded in training in Texas.

A nephew Merrill Goff, U.S. Marine, USS Pensacola




A son-in-law Warren Neal, U.S. Army Air Force pilot







Grandson Bob Scar, U.S. Marine pilot






Grandsons-in-law Guy Kidney (U.S. Air Force)  and Larry Willoughby (U.S. Navy)


Gulf War

Great Grandson Ken Scar, U.S. Army photojournalist, Afghanistan


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