Generosity: Marcus Brotherton, New York Times bestselling author

I’ve been a fan of bestselling Marcus Brotherton‘s books for years, including books I didn’t realize he’d ghostwritten or he’d been involved in writing.

Earlier this year, when I read his masterful A Bright and Blinding Sun, I noticed that I’d featured several other favorite books with his fingerprints on them. (See below)

Ordinarily I share my blog posts on other social media sites, including LinkedIn. When I posted the one about A Bright and Blinding Sun, the author noticed it, thanked me for sharing about the book, and even asked to connect with me there. Later this year, I read and reviewed his compelling new WWII historical novel, The Long March Home, coauthored with Tosca Lee.

I almost didn’t ask whether he’d be willing to write a blurb for What Leora Never Knew, but I’m glad I did, sending him a short summary and list of chapters.

This generous author answered, “Sure!”

Marcus asked to see the pdf of the manuscript, which I emailed to him. A few days later he sent a simple but powerful sentence.

“We must never forget these three brothers.”
Marcus Brotherton, New York Times bestselling author

What a generous encouragement by a well-known author.

Here are other outstanding books I’d read earlier:

Marcus Brotherton contributed substance and line edits to Adam Makos’s A Higher Call: An Incredible True Story of Combat and chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World War II.

He also wrote Blaze of Light, about Gary Beikirch, a Green Beret Medic in Vietnam and recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Gary Beikirch (1947-2021) and Marcus Brotherton in 2019

Gary Sinise’s Grateful American was written with Brotherton’s expertise.

Marcus Brotherton and Gary Sinise

Also Marcus was a writing partner on Adam Makos’s incredibly poignant Korean War story, Devotion, which I read and reviewed (Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub). All of these books are so compelling.

Please check out Marcus Brotherton’s website. What a legacy of significant stories!


  1. Brotherton’s gracious comment to you about your uncles shows the compassion he has for veterans. I checked out his blog and was impressed. His book titles make them very enticing. 🙂

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