Book-Launch Un-Shindig

Five brothers served. Only two came home.

Only one is buried at home. I didn’t know that until my mid-40s, after Grandma Leora died. Having helped with Memorial Day flowers for three graves all those decades, I had to find out what happened, why one is buried overseas, and why one has never been found. 

What Leora Never Knew: A Granddaughter’s Quest for Answers is my journey of research and remembrance, a companion book to Leora’s Letters: The Story of Love and Loss for an Iowa Family During World War II.

I’ve never felt well enough to have a peppy book-launch party, not even to organize a chipper launch team. My fibromyalgia symptoms have become more abundant, prompting me to send regrets to invitations to talk about Grandma Leora’s stories. (I said yes to one in Perry next month, likely my last, since two books have so many stories from that area.)

But some of you just might fancy un-shindig cheerleading for the newest Leora book, which I’d be so grateful for. Here are some free ideas:

  • You could ask your library to get a copy of What Leora Never Knew: A Granddaughter’s Quest for Answers.
  • You might read it (100 photos in this one) and write a short review on Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, or even on Facebook.
  • You could post a selfie with the book on social media!
  • You might tell someone about about the Wilson family of Dallas County, Iowa.

But if you’d like to actually have a copy of your own, What Leora Never Knew is always available on Amazon. Autographed copies are at Beaverdale Books (515-279-5400 in Des Moines, the Machine Shed Restaurant in Urbandale, and Off the Rails Quilting in Bondurant (515-967-3550) Beaverdale Books and Off the Rails Quilting both offer shipping.

The ebook is also available.

Thank you for joining me for this latest Book-Launch Un-Shindig!

“We must never forget these three brothers.”
Marcus Brotherton, New York Times bestselling author


  1. I’m sorry to hear your fibromyalgia symptoms have increased. Good luck with your unshindig promotions. Our local library should carry your historical books-and I’ll remind them of that!

  2. Joy — you delight me. I love your creative approach to the ‘shindig’. It makes so much sense…and I hope that you continue to put your health first. Sending big, big hugs! 🥰

    • Pain and exhaustion doesn’t give me a choice, but I’m not giving up! But my husband is also dealing with Parkinson’s, so we are learning to live with how things are these day. Sure appreciate those big hugs, Vicki!

  3. Ordered 4 paperback copies today, for daughters and grandkids. All the photos will be highly valued by all. Pray you feel better, both you and Guy. Bob

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