The Coleman Sisters of Glidden, Iowa

Edith “Edie” Coleman Dankle, Julia Coleman Graves, and Rosie Mae Coleman Kidney

I’ve always like this old photo of Guy’s Grandma Rosie and her sisters, daughters of Jerome W. and Anna Coleman of Glidden, Iowa. 

Jerome and Anna came to Iowa from Bureau County, Illinois, with baby daughter Julia. Jerome helped form the Farmer’s Elevator Company in Glidden and eventually owned 1000 acres of Carroll County land.

Anna gave birth to two more daughters and one son, Charles William Coleman, who served in WWI.

Julia Bell Coleman Graves, Rosie Mae Coleman Kidney, and Edith Grace Coleman Dankle were the sisters.

Back: Rosie Coleman Kidney, Charley Coleman, Edith Coleman Dankle. Front: Julia Coleman Graves , Jerome Coleman, Anna Coleman. Photo taken in Carroll, Iowa

The farmland inherited from her father by Guy’s Grandma Rosie is now owned by Guy’s mother, Carol Kidney Herman, and has been designated a Century Farm, owned by the same family for at least 100 years.


    • Especially if it’s big enough. This farm has fewer than 80 acres, which is too small to make a living. My husband had to milk cows (by hand) before school, so he was glad to escape to college!

  1. Whoa! You don’t hear of a Century Farm very often these days!
    In the top picture, Edie dares to show a little ankle!!! 😉

    • Several families are recognized for living on a Century Farm each year at the Iowa State Fair, and even Heritage Farms (150 years). Edie lived the longest, still on her own farm when she was near 90, even taking care of hogs. Perhaps because she was a little daring?

  2. It’s so wonderful that you appreciate and share your family’s history, Joy. The Coleman sisters look like proper young ladies of the day. I wonder why people never smiled for photos back then? Was it because they had to stand in a pose for so long before the photo could be taken?

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