An Old Fordson Tractor on a Century Farm

Guy Kidney on the 1924 Fordson, near Glidden, about 1954

Guy’s mother, Carol Walker Kidney Herman, age 100, lives on her Century Farm south of Glidden, Iowa. The farm was purchased in 1910 by the grandparents of her first husband, Lowell Kidney. Jerome and Anna Marie Coleman paid $115/acre for the farm in 1909. Jerome bequeathed the farm to his daughter, Rosa Coleman Kidney, who was Lowell’s mother.

Lowell and Carol began married life on this farm in 1942. Guy is the oldest of their four children, who grew up on the farm. Their dad had several tractors while farming, including this 1924 Fordson.

Although fewer than 80 acres, the Glidden farm was awarded the Century Farm designation at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.

Second from left: Guy Kidney, Lois (Kidney) Kail, Vey Kidney. Iowa State Fair 2013. (Left: Iowa Farm Bureau Federation Vice President Joe Heinrich. Right: Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey. )

Guy’s brother Vey, younger by 14 years, came back from Indiana in 2023 for the Glidden reunion with a flat-bed trailer in order to display the Fordson in a parade, then take the treasured tractor home with him.

Guy Kidney aboard the 1924 Fordson tractor, near Glidden, August 2023

Fordson was the brand name for mass-produced tractors manufactured by Henry Ford & Son, dominating the market from 1917-about 1925, then again from 1946-1953.

Somewhat like the Ford Model T for automobiles, the Fordson was for tractors, with a popular design, a low price, a widespread network, and a capacity for producing great numbers.

And just as the Model T helped the public notice how soon cars and trucks might replace horses on the road, the Fordson helped them appreciate how tractors could replace horses on the farm.

A compelling story about the hunt for the only surviving Ford tractor prototype, thanks to Tractor Hyatt via Twitter.

Guy and his brother Vey (from Indiana) celebrated their mother’s 100th birthday, which was September 5, 2023, Glidden, Iowa


  1. How interesting, Joy. That is a wonderful old tractor, and I hope it remains in the family. I don’t have anything as cool as that, but I know my kids won’t want any of the “old” stuff that belonged to our parents and grandparents.

    • It will eventually go to Guy’s nephew who IS interested. We’re sorting things by what our own son wants to deal with. At least there are photos of relics WITH their stories. (My mother would be so disappointed that no one wanted the china and glassware she waited so long to enjoy.)

  2. You will have to keep us posted if Vey is able to get the Fordson running again. That would be awesome to see! Great blog, love the history!

    • Where ya gonna put it? My favorite Guy also hoped to have it one day, but his brother has already restored one old tractor and has a place to work on it. I would like to hear it once he gets it started!

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