Super Nova Quilt

Son Dan was given graph paper in first grade at school. He made a design and called it Super Nova.

Having a quilter for a mom has its perks. Dan even chose the fabrics. 62″ X 93″

It won Third Prize at the 1982 Iowa State Fair, so Dan must have been about 8 years old. That makes sense since that trophy “skin” was from Cub Scouts. A map of Narnia is at the head of the bed, and the books under the lamp are the Wrinkle in Time trilogy.

The quilt was part of half a dozen more quilt shows. Dan’s six year-old daughter Kate enjoys having his Super Nova quilt on her bed these days.


  1. I remember when you worked on this quilt. So glad to hear Dan’s daughter Katie is enjoying the quilt. Great memories 😊💕

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