Davy Jordan’s One-Seat Buggy Ride with his Granddaughters

David Jordan was one of my kindest-looking ancestors.

During the early 1900s, Grandpap and Grandmother Jordan rode the train from their home near Monteith, Iowa, to Key West, Minnesota, to visit the Goff family one August, bringing a trunk full of nice apples from home. The Goffs lived too far north for apple trees to thrive. It was such a big treat, because they bought apples by the barrel during the Minnesota winters, when they lived there from 1903-1905.

Leora in 1907

Sisters Georgia and Leora Goff, about ages 10 and 13, enjoyed driving the rural roads with Grandpap in a one-seat buggy pulled by a horse. David Jordan was a jovial man and taught them songs, like “Ke-mo,  ki-mo.”  

"There was a frog lived near a pool

      Sing song ketcha ketcha ki-me oh

      He surely was the biggest fool

      Sing song ketcha ketcha ki-me oh

      Ke-mo, ki-mo Del-O-Ware

      Hee-ma ho and in come a salasicker

      Some time Penny went a link tum nip cat sing song

      Ketcha ketcha ki-me oh.”
Georgia in 1907

Those Iowa grandparents stayed three or four weeks, so there were several rides with Grandpap. Georgia and Leora took turns driving. One time Georgia had the horse on a trot and Grandpap, with a twinkle in his eyes, said, “Georgia, don’t make the horse go so fast–we will get home too quick.”  

From Leora’s Early Years: Guthrie County Roots



    • Thank you, Vicki. His wife, Emilia Ann, also had such a kind face. It’s no wonder their granddaughter remembered them with such affection. (Leora, as a young adult, taking turns with her sister, also stayed with them after they’d retired, especially after Emilia was widowed.)

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