“Leora” Readers’ Selfies

It’s been delightful to receive selfies of people with Leora’s stories. This was the first one, a son of Louise Hartman, who has been an encourager since the beginning. She said he read Leora’s Letters in just one day.

Bob and Dick Scar are the two older sons of Darlene Wilson Scar, whose twin was Dale Wilson, one of the three brothers lost during the war. Bob (born on page 285 of Leora’s Letters) bought all of of those copies and donated them! He sent them to fellow Marine veterans and friends and gave a copy to whoever wanted one. Dick, my only older cousin (born on page 78), received his copy as a gift.

I hope Jerry was reading and not dozing. Wintering in Florida.

I met Rifet as a 5-year-old when I visited Bosnia with his Aunt Zlatka and family in 2001. Even then, Rifet tried so hard to communicate with me. Since then, he’s become bilingual and has been a delight to correspond with (through Instant Messaging).

Jay received a copy for Christmas.

Rod read the first book in Florida, the second one back in northern Iowa. (Then he visited the Dallas County Freedom Rock at Minburn!)

Darren Gilbert is the author of a delightful family-friendly book called Adirondack Bear Tales: True Bear Encounters in the North Woods, and a good sport for the selfie! (He also reviewed it on Amazon, etc.)

Ramiz and Ferida are entrepreneurs who came to Iowa two decades ago as refugees of the Bosnian war. We were among their ESL teachers and they took us to dinner at the Machine Shed Restaurant (which carries autographed copies of the Leora books).

Ladies must be more shy, but here is Mary in her “queen chair.” 


    • Women tend to send photos of a book on their lap or a coffee table. One sent hers on the steering wheel of her tractor cab while she was waiting for a load of soybeans!

    • He certainly has been wonderful support! His mother’s twin was one of the brothers who was lost, and has never been found. Both Bob and his uncle were combat pilots.

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