Bread and Gravy for Supper, Crackers and Milk for Dessert

Have you ever enjoyed bread and gravy for supper? I certainly enjoyed it as a child, but was it just our family’s custom? Just a slab of bread smothered with gravy. Delish!

Dad enjoyed his crackers and milk dessert often at this Formica table. Mom delighted in the Youngstown kitchen cabinets. This was taken around 1970–Guy bought the big spoon and fork when he was overseas.

Dad enjoyed saltine crackers and milk for dessert. Mom said the first time he did that after they were married, she thought he was still hungry and she hadn’t cooked enough food. No, it was something he’d enjoyed when he was a child.

Grandma Ruby’s parents were German. Was this a German treat? Grandpa Kenneth’s folks came from Tennessee and Indiana. No clues there. Or was it just a Neal family invention?

Crackers and milk never caught on with me, but bread and gravy sure did. At least until I ended up with a gluten allergy. Gluten-free bread and gluten-free gravy just doesn’t have the same texture, the same “comfort factor.”

Does your family have an unusual or interesting food quirk?


  1. Hey Joy, both my dad and aunt enjoyed crackers and milk. Sometimes just as a light dinner. I never caught up n but we all love cornbread and milk. Can’t beat it.

  2. My grandfather used to eat a tall glass of cornbread and buttermilk every night before going to bed. Mother sometimes served toast covered in something called Brunswick stew from a can. I think it was a cost-saving way to feed a hungry family. I later tried the stuff as an adult, but it didn’t taste anywhere near the same!

  3. My dad was from Kentucky so he was big on flapjacks and cornbread. My Italian mother would beat raw egg white until fluffy and add cooked white rice and sugar to it for a treat. If we had graham crackers in the house, I’d soak them in milk until they were wilted.

  4. I know I already commented elsewhere on this, but I do wonder how families come up with some of these specialties. When I was little the neighbor served white bread with milk and sugar to her kids. I mentioned it the other day, and my DIL said, Oh, I used to love that! She grew up in Arizona, and I grew up in MIchigan.

  5. My father mentioned buttered bread with a sprinkle of sugar for desert. His mother was also German.

  6. I like to eat graham crackers with milk! So good! I know many people like to eat buttered bread with just about anything. 🙂

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