Delbert, Donald, Dale, Danny, and Junior: You’ll Never be Forgotten

If Cousin Bob has anything to do with it, our Grandma Leora’s family will never be forgotten.

I didn’t know he’d ordered so many copies until much later! He’d been sending a copy to about everyone he could think of.

Bob (2)

Our mothers are the sisters of the five Wilson brothers. His mother, Darlene Wilson Scar, was Dale Wilson’s twin. Dale was one of the three who never came home. The copilot of a B-25, he was lost off New Guinea on a mission, along with the rest of the crew. Only God knows where their remains lie today.

Bob was born in May 1945, two months after they’d learned that Danny Wilson, a P-38 pilot, was MIA in Europe. Aunt Darlene said that Bob’s babyhood was hazy for her because of those two brothers missing in action.

When I transcribed the letters, during the late 1980s, I noticed that some of the stamps had fallen off. I didn’t think anything about it until Bob told that when they’d visit Grandma Leora in Guthrie Center, that after dinner, especially if one of her brothers was also visiting from Omaha, they’d argue politics.

Bob admitted that he would slip downstairs and read the old letters! He’d read them before I did.

It’s been so encouraging to have a cousin also working to make sure the sacrifice of the Wilson family during WWII is never forgotten.

Bob Scar was a Marine pilot during Vietnam, and enjoyed an aviation career with Delta.


  1. WOW! Every author’s dream–to have such a promoter! I’m glad you’re both doing what you can to preserve the legacy and the story of your family and, through them, that of all WW2 vets who didn’t come home.

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