Compelling Poems from Jenny Hykes Jiang

Jenny Hykes Jiang grew up in rural Iowa, taught English as a second language in Asia and in the U.S.A., and is now raising children in Northern California. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Arts & Letters, Tule Review, Caesura, The Chestnut Review, Little Patuxent Review, and The Cider Press Review.

Two of her compelling poems have been recently published. She said I could share them with you.

Jenny’s poignant “Bathe All This in Light” was published in Palette Poetry.

Her winsome ode on “Rhubarb” is on pages 2-3 of Chestnut Review.

This is a Chuck Offenburger story about Jenny’s dad, then 34 and manager of the Dallas County State Bank’s office in Dexter.

He promised his wife (Jenny’s mom) that the bank would try to win the first-place pie at the Dexter Fall Festival. Yes, rhubarb. It cost him $50!

(Another year, his wife’s peach pie cost him $62.50.)


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