A Couple of Memoirs I’ve Enjoyed

Aimless Life, Awesome God

by Robert Frohlich

“Why am I still alive?” That question was in the back of his mind when in 1965, Robert Frohlich was headed out towards Arizona to look for a job after serving in the army for three years. Escaping a splintered family and a troubled past, his car broke down in Wisconsin. Through a series of events that involved finding life-long friends, stable work, and the love of his life, he never left, finally finding a place to stay after wandering for most of his life.

However, that was not the first time God caused Robert’s life to change direction, nor will it be the last. By learning to trust in the Lord and let things come as they may, Robert has led a fulfilling life serving God, his family, and his community. Aimless Life, Awesome God is the story of Robert Frohlich, but it is also the story of anyone willing to let God redirect their lives according to His awesome plan. Learn more about the author at: RobertFrohlichAuthor.com

My Thoughts: What an amazing life, an amazing story of God’s hand on one life, in spite of a broken childhood and even poor choices. I love stories that show God’s surprising nudges in a life through the decades, and the influence of that life on those around him.

Bob Frohlich’s compelling stories have been shared by Our American Stories”

3, 2, 1, You’re It! (11 minutes)

Learning to Drive (19 minutes)


Adventures Before We Were Twelve

by Gary Hawhee

It was exhilarating and sometimes painful to remember some of the things that happened to me and my family that I share in this book, Adventures Before We Were Twelve. There was the blizzard of 1936 that nearly took my baby brother Bill, who almost succumbed that year to pneumonia, and the time Dad almost scalped himself with a double bitted axe when he slipped on the ice while chopping wood. I’ll never forget the day my little brother Gale and I took our first train ride, all on our own, when he was just four and I was six years old. It was a sad day when our favorite horse “Molly” lost her eyesight. About that time equine encephalitis swept through the horse population in Southwest Iowa. I was seven years old and expected to help save one of our horses. Times were simpler back then, but it also took hard work to sustain the family. There were all kinds of adventures to be found on and around the farm in the 1930’s and 40’s. I hope you enjoy reliving some of my more memorable Adventures Before We Were Twelve. – Gary Hawhee, Author

My Thoughts: From stories about filling bedding ticks with cornshucks to the blizzard of 1936, from his little brother’s serious pneumonia to taking care of baby animals by the kitchen range, and the fear of bullsnakes to helping doctor horses with sleeping sickness–all before the age of twelve. There are lots and lots of horse stories by this veteran of the Korean War. Very enjoyable.



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