Aprons of Quilt Squares (poem)

Apron of Quilt Squares

All hand-stitched,
from the colorful patches
to the bias binding,
even the waistband and ties.

I'd expected even stitches
from a treadle machine,
but found tiny hand-sewing,
one spot still sporting
light blue basting thread.

Made by Grandma Ruby?
Or by her mother-in-law,
Nellie Neal, who helped 
on the many family quilts.

Did this apron see action 
at family dinners? The blue bias
binding and trim make it festive
enough for special occasions.

Even more precious since
a grandmother's hands set together
the cheerful squares, some probably
cut from feed or flour sacks.


This apron is a cousin to the one above, including some of the same fabrics, but this one is almost entirely sewn by treadle machine. There’s hand-stitching on the back of the waistband and bias binding.

Someone went to the trouble to whip-stitch the raw edges of the squares on the backsides of both aprons. She meant for these to last, and I’ve decided that these two aprons are “keepers.”


  1. This poem reminds me of the tablecloth my grandmother embroidered for me when I married my husband I love your poetry. I look forward to reading more.


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