Interview with WHO 13 News Multimedia Journalist Roger Riley

Five Dallas County Brothers Served, Only Two Came Home from WWII

Three-minute interview.


    • Bless you, Alan. Roger Riley is a genius at whittling a 45-minute interview into a nugget that conveyed exactly what I’d hoped. The family is not forgotten, and a couple of people want to visit the Dexter museum. My sis will be on duty there Sunday, an impressive little in a town of fewer than 600 souls these days. The other biggie in the museum is the 1933 shootout with Bonnie and Clyde’s gang in July of 1933.

    • Roger Riley is the genius. He sculpted 45 minutes or so of audio and even more video in to a nugget that said just what it needed to. Oh, in less than 24 hours!

  1. That was an excellent, heartfelt interview. I’m sure viewers were touched by it. And a fitting reminder about what Memorial Day is all about and whom it’s for.

    • I’m thankful that more people learned about what the Wilson family went through. Europeans whose homelands were liberated by the Americans sure know what our Memorial Day is for. They commemorate battles fought and won several times every year, and regularly visit adopted graves in the American cemeteries there.

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