Clell F. Hoy, a Dexterite Making History and Preserving It

Clell Fletcher Hoy (1917-1991)

Clell Hoy was the stepson of master blacksmith Jim Meister of Dexter, Iowa. About 1930, Jim married Roxie (Stone) Hoy, who had five children: Ora, Cleo, IG, Clell, and Max Hoy. Lyle and Marilyn Frost also lived with them several years.

Clell joined the Navy right after he graduated from Dexter High School in 1936.

1936 Graduate of Dexter High School

He served aboard seven destroyers, including the USS Kidd and the USS Madison. During WWII he served at Casablanca in North Africa, as well as in the Pacific–Eniwetok, Okinawa, and the Philippines. He was awarded a Purple Heart. Hoy, a Chief Commissary Steward, served ten years.

After the war, he married Margaret and lived in the Chicago area until her death in 1982. He returned to Dexter and traveled extensively, including to Australia.

Clell Hoy and other family members donated over 1000 homemade tools and other items from the blacksmith shop of his stepfather, Jim Meister. A group of Dexterites bought a small brick building on the town’s main street and moved Meister’s machinery and tools to the building.






Hoy willed $50,000 to the Dexter Museum. It has been set up as a trust to help support the museum, which also features the 1933 Bonnie and Clyde shootout in Dexfield Park, the speech by President Truman at the 1948 National Plowing Match at Dexter, as well as items from Jim Meister’s blacksmith shop.

Clell F. Hoy is buried in the Dexter Cemetery.

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Marilyn Frost Black gave the museum a notebook in 2017 with information and photos about Jim Meister and his blacksmith shop.


  1. I used to play with Lyle and Marilyn Frost… they are mentioned in the article…. It would be fun to know where they landed..
    .I think Lyle was in Arizona at one time… They had a great merry go round and see/saw that their grandpa built for them in his yard.
    Roxie had a parrot…an impolite parrot at that… I guess Lyle didn’t have anyone else to ask…he invited me to his highschool prom in Des Moines… but I did not attend.. it just wasn’t practical….

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