Leora’s Letters: Audio Clip

If you’d like to hear a clip of Paul Berge narrating Leora’s Letters, here it is.

If it doesn’t start right away, click the arrow under the cover.

It was an emotional experience to hear Grandpa Clabe Wilson’s words through Paul’s voice.

Paul also is a flight instructor, writer, and has had his own TV and radio shows. Among other things. Here’s his website.

Featured on Audible today.

 Leora’s Letters: The Story of Love and Loss for an Iowa Family During World War II is available from Amazon in paperback and ebook, also as an audiobook, narrated by Paul Berge.

It’s also the story behind the Wilson brothers featured on the Dallas County Freedom Rock at Minburn, Iowa. All five served. Only two came home.

Paul wrote his compelling story about getting involved with the project, for AVWeb, an online aviation magazine.


  1. I listened to the sample. Paul has a great broadcast AND audible style… not all do. He’s excellent AND he’s here in Central Iowa. So glad you got him for this important book . It’s not just another non-fiction on true WWII story. It HAS to have an empathetic , comfortable yet casually authoritative voice at times. Paul’s all that and more.

    • I hoped for someone local. When I’d asked someone trusted for suggestions, I expected women’s names, but got four men! Paul was at the top and all I could hear was his “Artie Azzeti voice.” We used to listen to his stories on Rejection Slip Theater (he even did my “Reconciling Dad” story once upon a time). But he’s also done TV work and he’s got an effective website. After he got the book he asked if could leave off the g’s on words. I bet Clabe dropped them. Paul sent a clip and wow! Both he and the owner of “Sauna Studios” (whose dad was a WWII vet) had trouble getting through the end of the book. I knew he’d been led to the two who were to make the Wilson story come alive.

    • He’s hosted a tourism show on local PBS, and used to have a radio show. He was also an air traffic controller with my husband. One of my favorite books of the year is “Aeromancy,” stories of flying that are so poetic they almost makes me want to trying flying in a small plane!

  2. Enjoyed listening to this excerpt. It reminded me of the V-mail letters my uncle sent from Europe during the war. Also, I liked the reference to Greenville, SC, which indicated to me the type of bomber he was referring to–B-25 Mitchells, which pilots learned to fly at the base there. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Thank you, Dennis. Only God knows where the remains that B-25 copilot and crew lie today. The younger two pilots were also lost during the war. If you’d like a (free) copy of the book, send a mailing address to joynealkidney@gmail.com. I’m working on the second draft of a book about Leora’s Depression Era stories, which I see you’re also interested in. Leora was the mother of the five Wilson brothers who served (and who are featured on the new Dallas County Freeom Rock at Minburn, Iowa). She was also my delightful grandmother! (My mother married a farmer who eventually became the commander of a B-29, with combat orders for Saipan, when the war ended.) Stories on my website, in categories. Appreciate your feedback.

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