Reverse Shoulder Replacement – Say What?

Happening this week. Here in the Des Moines area.

Already bionic, now even more so.

shoulder (2)
That top tendon tore away from the bone and is slipped back to where it can’t be mended.

That top tendon was probably tearing over several years. A cortisone shot in November didn’t faze the pain. Even when I’d shake hands with someone, shocks ran through my arm. Much of the time I could find no relief from that awful ache, except when unconscious. Wore shawls and capes–no sleeves to struggle into.

Amazing things they can do these days. This orthopedic center’s motto: Helping You Get Back to Living.

I like that.

I told them I’m only 75, just published my first book, have two more to go, and am not ready to give up. . . .

*Fearfully and wonderfully made, but sometimes there are breakdowns. They called it a “farmer shoulder” but I haven’t tossed any bales of hay for decades.

You may find me uncommonly wordless for several days. . . .

*Psalm 139:14


  1. I hope you mend quickly. My left shoulder has been killing me for over a year. Too fearful to have it checked as I can still lift a little bit yet. Congrats on writing your book!

    • You get to the place where there’s no comfortable way to hold your arm and you beg for help! I’ve had this ten years, wore shawls and a cape just so that shoulder wouldn’t have to wrestle into and out of one more sleeve. I’m so ready for the pain and swelling to be productive healing!

  2. I’ll be sending healing thoughts your way – successful surgery day and relief to the rescue. Take a much deserved break and well see you back soon 🙂

    • You didn’t notice a little tardy editing? Still can’t hold a pen, but once they let me out of that sling I’m back to the keyboard! Physical therapy started yesterday. Someone said that people with fibromyalgia actually handle therapy better because they deal with chronic pain anyway, so bring it on! Snow mussed up last month’s book signing/breakfast fund-raiser at Washington Township School, where Danny and Junior graduated, but I got busy and autographed some to take for it tomorrow–my first outing since surgery (except for the doctor).

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