That Dexter-Earlham Thanksgiving Football Rivalry

From Earlham’s point of view, from a November 1932 issue of the Earlham Echo:


Program of Stunts, Yells and Speeches Was Calculated to Arouse Fighting Mood

A pep meeting at which about half the school student body and nearly twice as many alumni were present was an event last Wednesday night at the school auditorium. About a dozen alumni football stars were called on for speeches and a few words were also spoken by the coach and superintendent. The entire football squad was in attendance, though the meeting dispersed in time to assure them a good night’s rest before the game.

A big feature of the meeting was a scene depicting a home in which radio broadcasts of the Earlham-Dexter game were being received. Harry Stegal, in the role of a disabled football player was shown seated by the radio with his sister, Paula Bechtel, and nurse Eleanor Benson, while the father of the family, Jim Stegal, doddered annoyingly about. Some ingenuous bits of comedy were brought out at different stages of the broadcast as Earlham’s star of hope on the gridiron rose and fell, then rose again for a rousing victory.

All stunts and preparations for the pep meeting were made by Raymond Spatz, Virgil Badgerow and other alumni without cooperation from the student body or school faculty generally. Older grads have been shaking their heads and wondering if this dropping spirit doesn’t account for lagging interest in a victory on Thanksgiving Day.

This item was in the November 29, 2022 issue of the Earlham Echo under “Echoes of the Past” – 90 YEARS AGO – 1932.

The Thanksgiving game that year was Delbert and Donald Wilson’s last game of their senior year. Del made the winning touchdown, and his sister Doris kept the ticket from the game.

The trophy is now in a case in the Earlham School.


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