Favorite Redemption Novels Based on Family History

Immigrant Patriot

by Craig Matthews

What an incredible weaving of the immigrant journeys of a young couple, from Scotland and Italy, who meet in Utah after he survives WWI and the influenza pandemic. By then, she is a young widow, who has lost a young brother, her father, her husband in the war, and another brother to the pandemic.

But they have much more to face, from the deception and destruction of a rampant secretive religion. Remarkably, they escape and find redemption. Immigrant Patriot: One family’s struggle for freedom and faith in a world gone mad. is the almost unbelievable story of the author’s grandparents, written as a novel.

Two Sisters’ Secret

by Diane T. Holmes

I’m drawn to family stories and saw the author interviewed on a local TV station, so I knew I’d enjoy reading Two Sisters’ Secret. It’s a story that needed sharing, about sisters who immigrated from Germany. The much younger one (Bernadine) was so ambivalent about leaving Germany, about being left behind in Iowa when the older sister (Elizabeth) married and moved away. Even after marrying and having so many children of her own, then was widowed, Bernadine struggled.

Bernadine’s life became even more fascinating after she married a man who wasn’t really as she’d thought. And there were unpleasant surprises with two adult daughters. By then, I’d forgotten about the original secret, so when it was revealed, it came as a surprise.

Through the Eyes of Grace

by Debi Gray Walter

This compelling novel is based on a difficult chapter from the life of the author’s grandmother. Set in Oklahoma Territory, then Indian Territory, in the early 1900s, the historic details create an interesting backdrop for the unfolding drama of a girl facing an unplanned pregnancy. As Through the Eyes of Grace reminds us, even sad stories can have happy endings. I hope there will be a sequel!


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