What’s Next?

What Leora Never Knew: A Granddaughter’s Quest for Answers is off to the editor, and is having its real cover designed.

While awaiting a couple of official endorsements (I haven’t finalized the front matter yet), my brain is in limbo. It seems to be scanning possibilities of what to dive into next–there are at least three possibilities. What a fascinating process!

Blog posts are mostly scheduled through September, and my favorite Guy’s band begins again, so there’s another few quiet hours. I’ve signed onto a launch team for Jolene Philo’s delightful See Jane Dance, and have a manuscript for a workbook to read through on my laptop and react to.

Even though I’m mainly housebound, I thank God every day for these reasons to hop out of bed even before morning gilds the skies! (Okay, so it’s more like a slow curl out of bed.)

Do any of you remember the old hymn When Morning Gilds the Skies? One from my childhood.


    • Ha! Today it took until about 2 in the afternoon to finally “come to.” I spent the morning so achy and sleepy, even a couple of naps didn’t calm things down. Finally the one about 1:30 “worked” and I feel sorta normal now. (I sure wish I could wake that dynamo!) Thank you, Bob!

  1. I don’t remember ever hearing ‘When Morning Gilds the Skies.’ The link with the piano music being played sure has a hymn beat to it! Good luck with all your work, Joy. 🙂

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