Book Club Invitation!

This evening! They’ve read all three Leora books and I’m invited to get in on the discussion. Amazed and thankful.

I’m especially grateful because it looks like I must reluctantly turn down any more out-of-town invitations.


  1. All your efforts, the careful research and the artful compilation of your family’s history , have gifted us with with an enduring record of real life as lived in Iowa. What you may have at first intended as a family keepsake has blossomed far beyond that modest goal. Thank God for all those who have read your books, for the eager acceptance of your work. I’m blessed to have found you online, and I’ve been entertained and enlightened by your books and blog posts.
    I’m sorry that your travels have been curtailed. I wish you health and strength.

    • Thanks, Dennis. We’d just decided that the out-of-town ones left me worthless for days, when this one showed up. They’re all retired hospital therapists (physical, speech, etc.), so I’m really looking forward to it.

  2. How wonderful! I received a local book club invitation recently, too, and my book isn’t even available for another month, yet! They’re planning ahead.

    • Thank you, Vera. It was such an engaged group of professionals. How amazing to see how they related to Grandma Leoa’s stories, each in a diffeent era. What a delightful evening!

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