Happy Birthday Music Box, a Family Tradition

When son Dan was a kid, we’d wind up the Fisher-Price Happy Birthday music box and let it play for each person in the family. It took the place of the traditional crank one Mom played when my sister and I were little.

She also played it over the phone to us when we were grown. After each time she played the tune forward, she’d wind it backward just for fun. She eventually wore out the thing.

But yes, I can still hear the tune forward and backward.

Sis Gloria’s note: “Give to me by Grpa/Grma Neal 1952?”

“Quit working June 4, 2010.” It must have given up while Mom was playing it for me.

Copyright 1952, Mattel Incorporated, Los Angeles, California, USA


  1. We don’t have a music box to play “Happy Birthday” to our grown kids. We just call them and sing off-key to them (which is my normal singing style anyway).

  2. Very sweet tradition! I wish I had one of those music boxes when my children were little! 🙂 I think my grandchildren would like it too!

  3. What fun! I have a Fisher-Price music box clock from the 60s. It still winds up and works. My grandchildren and foster children play with it. Current toys don’t last as long.

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