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Love to wander the aisles of bookstores? is a fairly new website where you can browse books by topic. 

More than 8,000 authors have shared five of their favorite books around a topic, theme, or mood on the site. Shepherd makes it easy to find the books they recommend through a book you already love, an author you adore, or a Wikipedia topic that interests you.

You might want to check it out.

Shepherd for Authors

How does Shepherd work for authors? They feature the author and one of their books, along with five books recommended by the author around a topic or theme, along with why they recommend each of those books. Then Shepherd promotes the author, their book, and their book list throughout their website and marketing channels.

If you’re an author, choose a topic, theme, or mood in an area related to your book. By making recommendations, readers will get acquainted with your voice/personality, which may interest them in you and your book.


I’ve created a list for all three “Leora books.” I’ll list the books I chose, but please go to the website to read why I picked them.

Best Books on Surprising and Compelling WWII History

My list: U-505 by James E. Wise, Jr.
Typhoon: The Other Enemy - Capt. C. Raymond Calhoun
Crosses in the Wind - Joseph James Shomon
LST 388: A World War II Journal - Robert Von Der Osten and daughter Barbara Von Der Osten
Soldiers' Stories, Vol. II - Myra Miller

Best Books of Surprising Stories About the Great Depression

Joe Dew: A Glorious Life - Elaine Briggs
This is Grant Wood Country - Joan Liffring-Zug
Cinderella Man - Jeremy Schapp (boxing)
WPA Guide to 1930s Iowa - Federal Writers Project
The Boys in the Boat - Daniel James Brown

Best Books Based on Family History

The Horse Whisperers of the Anaconda - Allen Rizzi
An Old Settlers Story - Larry Dean Reese
Pioneer Girl - Andrea Warren
Two Sisters' Secret - Diane T. Holmes
Three Little Things - Patti Stockdale

It was a delight to learn that author Paul E. Kotz recently registered one of his books, and recommended Leora’s Letters as one of his five.

Later this year, will launch a way to promote your book by sharing three of your favorites for the year. I’d enjoy getting in on that one.




    • Thanks for telling me about the “doors guy.” Ames is the home of Iowa State University, where my sis went to school, an hour north of us. (Flying out of MPLS is cheaper than out of DSM, so we’ve done that ourselves.) Oh, to be able to take in the Iowa State Fair again! We both hated having to give it up. Guy’s sis from CA and her hubby are coming back just for the fair this year!

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