Invitations to Write Book Endorsements

There’s a subtle shift in things once you’ve published a third book. I guess that with it comes the perception that you’re a real author, but I was still amazed the first time I was invited to endorse someone else’s book. 

Most of the requests for endorsements have been because of a short review I’d written for an earlier book (on Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub). This new role as cheerleader for other authors is humbling, fulfilling and such fun!

You’d enjoy the two books already published:

See Jane Sing by Jolene Philo. See Jane Run was her first one, which I’d enjoyed and reviewed. She has at least two more delightful “Jane books” underway about a plucky young teacher, away from home (Iowa) for the first time, who helps solve a who-done-it in small town South Dakota. Jane gains a passel of  captivating characters, some charming, some not so! Each book has a specific recipe at the end.

Brothers Born of Adversity: How the Bonds of Friendship Helped Two Men Survive the Horrors of Japanese Prison Camps and the Infamous Hell Ships During World War II by Larry Dean Reese. I had reviewed his earlier book about Iowa pioneers. When I learned he was working on a book about WWII from the memories of two men who survived this history, I encouraged him. I’m thankful they will never be forgotten.

These three winners will be published yet this year:

Dillon’s War: Tracing the Steps of a Spearhead Driver for an Artillery Forward Observer through Europe in World War II by Dennis Peterson (due any day). We became online friends a few years ago because of his memoir, Look Unto the Hills: Stories of Growing Up in East Tennessee. Dennis also writes scholarly Christian histories, and he endorsed Leora’s Early Years: Guthrie County Roots. Dillon’s War is based on details from the eight letters written home by Dennis’s uncle, set in the grueling history of the unit he served with.

Cameron Lost, a novel by Craig Matthews is coming out in August. (Just this week I got a first glimpse of the powerful cover). I became acquainted with Craig through his book Immigrant Patriot, then The Stars in the Sidewalk (about the brutal affects of a broken past). After I’d reviewed them both, Craig asked if I’d read his latest manuscript, which he’d become discouraged with. It’s a gritty but amazing redemption story of a family member. I gratefully said yes to endorsing it.

The Legacy of the Rustic Rose Quilt by Cherie Dargan is to be published this fall. Cherie’s first book, The Gift: The California Quilt–dual time, historical fiction, set in Iowa, involving an old quilt with a mystery–is so compelling. I was a beta reader for this book, with its historical line set in WWII.

Cherie’s new book is a very moving and important Civil War story–also dual time, historical fiction, culminates in Iowa, involving an old quilt with another mystery. (I’ve seen a photo of the beautiful historic quilt.)

I’m grateful to officially champion these authors and their books!



  1. Thanks so much, Joy, for your plugging of my yet-to-be-released book Dillon’s War. You are, indeed, an encourager! (Now if the publisher would only get the book out!)

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