“As Grandma Says: Timeless Words to Live By” by Judith Robl

The Book

Drawing on her grandma’s lifetime of learning and biblical wisdom, Judith Robl provides charming devotions to help women embrace timeless principles and pass them along to those they love. Each offering is adorned with artist Audrey Jeanne Roberts’ endearing paintings of teacups and other charms of hospitality and generosity.

Readers will discover the blessings of Scripture verses that support each insight, the strength of personal prayers, and life-shaping teachings from Grandma including:

  • Success is getting up one more time than you fall down.
  • Give generously from your own purse.
  • One good turn deserves another.

This beautiful volume of wisdom encourages confidence, generosity, honor, and faith and makes a great gift of guidance and love for graduates, new brides, friends, and for moms to give to their daughters for any occasion or “just because.”

The Author

Cedar Falls, June 9-10, 2023 © Dave LaBelle

Reared in an ordinary small town in rural Kansas, Judith Robl led an ordinary life. She went to college locally, married a teacher/farmer, reared a family. Life was good. Then violence invaded her life and the lives of those around her .

Coping with the aftermath of that violence taught her much about patience and perseverance, forgiveness and faith. Because of the questions and reactions of those outside her family, she began to realize that there is a large, hurting world of people who do not have the faith grounding that was her privilege in youth.

She speaks and writes to help others forge a deep root of faith that will carry them through the worst the world and the enemy can do.

My thoughts: You can just hear the author’s wise grandmother advising youngsters with her pithy sayings, such as, “If your head won’t work, your heels must,” “Success consists of getting up one more time than you fall down,” and “You can’t stub your toe unless you are moving forward.” As Grandma Says is such a beautifully illustrated little book. Each of the nearly 50 sayings includes a story of the grandmother, a related Bible verse, a compelling comment, and a prayer.

I met the delightful Judith Robl at the 2023 Cedar Falls Christian Writers Conference. She’d paid for her cousin to attend with her, and to drive her from Kansas to Iowa. While I was at an author table with my “Leora books,” Judith came over to take a “selfie” with me and get acquainted. Among other things, she asked if I remembered World War II. I later wondered whether it was her way of finding out which of us is older.

Judith has started another devotional gift book. She says if you’d like to follow that progress, and even offering input, join her here.


  1. Sounds like a lovely book, Joy. And I loved your description of the illustrations: …”endearing paintings of teacups and other charms of hospitality and generosity.” There’s something about vintage teacups that exudes happiness. Thank you! 😘

  2. I love to have a chat with Judith Robl! She sounds like a wonderfully grounded and lovable grandma with jewels to share. Thanks, Jean, for sharing her information.

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