Books with Patriotic Themes

Sounding Taps by Robin Turner

Subtitle: A Duty of Remembrance. This is a beautiful book to savor, story after story. The author was bothered at a burial service by “an undignified, electronic bugle rendition of something that sounded like Taps.” A veteran himself, Robin Turner learned to play the bugle. He was so moved by the experience of sounding Taps that he visited several cemeteries to seek out veterans’ gravesites to honor them with the soulful cry of his bugle and a salute. A poignant reminder of those Americans who’ve served our nation.

Because of You Old Glory Flies by Julie Dueker

Subtitle: Poems of Gratitude for Our U.S. Military and Veterans. There are only eight poems in this delightful collection of remembrance and gratitude for our volunteers in the American military, but they are powerful reminders of those who’ve served the rest of us. “Think of Me” emphasizes a reliance on God in whatever circumstances a warrior has found himself in.

I enjoyed recognizing the illustrator’s children in one poignant drawing. The illustrator is Ray “Bubba” Sorensen II, known across Iowa as the artist for the Freedom Rock north of Greenfield, but also of Iowa’s Freedom Rocks, with the goal of one in each of Iowa’s 99 counties to promote tourism in the state.

I’m especially captivated by this collection of original poems by Julie Dueker.

The Everyday Patriot by Tom Morris

Subtitle: How to be a Great American Now. Inspired by the words of “our national birth announcement,” our Declaration of Independence, this public philosopher posits that patriotism isn’t flag-waving emotion. He insists that each of us, doing what we can for good in our own space, then radiating to our neighborhood, town, and beyond can help rekindle the nations ideals. Those ideals reach out beyond the USA to encourage the best in other nations, a radical but valuable idea for all humans.

The F4ith of July by Baron D. Hall

This picture book is a fun reminder for adults of why we celebrate Independence Day while teaching youngsters what’s important about the holiday. The activity of finding the hidden Liberty Bells is a delightful addition. The book has engaging illustrations by the author’s niece. Our granddaughter will enjoy this one.


  1. Thank you for sharing a great selection of patriotic books, Joy. As citizens we do need to reach out beyond what the country does for me, me, ME! These books appear to be guides to that end.

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