Daniel Sheridan Wilson, Born 100 Years Ago, Stuart, Iowa

Daniel Sheridan Wilson, likely named for his grandfathers, was born in the Chittick house at 515 Gaines Street in Stuart May 21, 1923.

He was Clabe and Leora Wilson’s sixth child, named for his grandfathers, Daniel Ross Wilson and Milton Sheridan Goff (called “Sherd.”)

Thanks to Stuart Historian Bob Cook for this May 25, 1923, notice in the Stuart Herald!

Clabe Wilson was the Stuart nightwatchman during those years, which was a concern since the one right before him had been killed in a bank robbery attempt.

Danny was a baby when the family moved to a farm near Dexter later that year.  Darlene is on the left, then nearly five-month-old Danny, and Dale, October 7, 1923.

A favorite photo of Danny Wilson, 1925


Bricks at the restored Stuart Depot remember Danny’s birth, as well as older twins Dale and Darlene. One remembers their father’s years as the nightwatchman.


Leora’s Early Years: Guthrie County Roots

Danny is one of the Wilson brothers remembered on the Dallas County Freedom Rock. All five served. Only two came home. He was KIA and is buried in France.


Danny Wilson 1934
Danny Wilson, valedictorian Washington Township Class of 1941
Lt. Daniel S. Wilson, P-38 pilot, 37th Fighter Squadron near Foggia, Italy, late 1944


    • Thank you for including this! They are also remembered in “Leora’s Letters: The Story of Love and Loss for an Iowa Family During World War II.”

  1. Such wonderful photographs of this beautiful soul. What a blessing to us that you share these family stories and photos. Your “Uncle Dan” must be mighty proud of you in heaven above.

    • Bless you, Linda. I’ve thought of the brothers, reminiscing with their folks in heaven, turning to notice that I’d discovered one of their WWII documents. Goosebumps!

  2. Yes! You are so right! They turn to notice, and it is a thing of joy. Their lives made a difference in this world and it makes a difference in this world that you tell their stories. These stories can be passed from one generation to the next…no lost stories, no missing pieces. You did that!

    • Your reaction, Linda, is just delightful! I just wanted to make sure they weren’t forgotten, but it’s gone way beyond that, to encourage others to get their own stories written or saved somehow. I didn’t know it back in 1967, when I was introduced to genealogy, that I was in training for right now. All three Leora books are dedicated to Kate, Leora’s great great granddaughter, to make sure the stories live on!

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