From Gloom to Glory (poems) by Michael Lee Womack

The Book: In From Gloom to Glory, Womack pours hope, faith and light into some of the darkest valleys we’ll ever walk through. Using his own testimony, with suicide and depression as a reference point, the author structures the book into three parts: daily reminders that lift our spirits, a beacon call to not give up, and a positive note that brightens the gloomy clouds that sometimes hover over life. With 50 poems each centered on the theme of hope and faith against the odds, this is a book of inspiration that speaks to the soul of the reader, and a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love who is dealing with darkness or passing through a valley experience. God turns gloom into glory.

The Author: Those who have read his previous works may know him as a U.S. Army Veteran that has shared his testimony through his previously published work of poetry, From A Soldier’s Perspective. While there are various titles that Author & Poet, Michael Lee Womack, could be remembered by when the story of his life on Earth ends, he aims for others to know him as a humble and faithful servant of the Lord. In 2021, he completed his Bachelor’s in English through Thomas Edison State University, by whom he was awarded The Arnold Fletcher Award in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. He currently resides in his home state of North Carolina, where he aspires to one day become an English teacher.

My Thoughts: This collection of verses contains so many keys to restoration and hope. The author has experienced deep depression and misery. He understands what so many people cope with daily. He offers Christ as the true beacon of life. Michael offers encouragement for dealing with daily discouragements, promising that God’s desire is to restore the lost.

Especially rich is the poem called “A Better Me,” where God used the rough patches in his life to turn him around. If you struggle with depression and unfortunate life choices, these short pieces will be a blessing. If you know someone who’s lost, poet Michael Lee Womack offers so much support and the “God of the Turnaround.” Highly recommended.

I’ve also featured Michael Womack’s poetry collection, From a Soldier’s Perspective.

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  1. This sounds like a very moving and inspirational collection, Joy. So many people nowadays deal with depression that in some cases lead to suicidal thoughts. So, Michael’s book sounds like a ray of light that would benefit many. Thank you for sharing your beautiful review and for introducing us to Michael.
    On a side note, thank you for your lovely review of my book too. ❤️

  2. Someone in despair who has difficulty focusing long enough to read a whole chapter to understand the gist of what is being shared may have an easier time connecting with poetry because it uses fewer and more meaningful words. Thanks, Joy, for reviewing Womack’s book.

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