Unraveling Sunlight and Henry & Grace–Poems by Joe Barca

Unraveling Sunlight

The Book: Unraveling Sunlight is a collection of poems that will make you think, make you feel, and let you breathe. It’s filled with magic and melancholy, whimsy and wonder. It’s a journey from darkness to light. 

The Poet: Author of Unraveling Sunlight. Fast talker and slow runner. Husband. Father. Owner of a Wheaten Terrier. From New England. On Twitter @shepherdmoon53

My Thoughts: The opening poems are raw, open with grief. “Empty” is especially poignant, as is “She’s Gone.” Thoroughly captivating are “My Haven” and the winsome “Nurture.” Five Stars!

Henry & Grace: A Love Story and Other Poetry

The Book: This book is a collection of micro-poetry, a spill of sunlight that brushes your inner world and touches your emotional space. In addition, it includes a life long love story between Henry and Grace – a series of poems that stand alone and link together, a literary string of pearls.

My Thoughts: This charming book of poems is served to the reader for savoring in three parts: Micropoetry, Longer Poems, and Henry & Grace. There are about six dozen wisps of Micropoetry. My favorites are Grandmother, Mother’s Apron, New Years Eve, and Spring Rain. The Longer Poems, not much longer, are delectable morsels, especially the one named Gardens. Henry & Grace is a love story in poetry, with all of its fascinating ups and downs.


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