Sounding Taps: A Duty of Remembrance

Sounding Taps: A Duty of Remembrance
This is not a book to be read quickly. Expect to laugh a little and sometimes cry and to stop and reflect on the ordinary men and women who didn’t know they were heroes. Sounding Taps is the journey of a man who learned to play the bugle to honor those people and the ones he discovered along the way. Each chapter is the memory of an unheralded military veteran who could have been laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.
Instead, all but one lies in peace in small town or mostly forgotten country graveyards. For some, the visit by this lone bugler is probably the first time since the Civil War or another military service uniquely their own that their ghosts have heard these haunting notes. It also is a salute to those who continue the tradition of honoring our veterans with their service on funeral details. Try as we might, sometimes all we can do is remember and honor that memory and Sounding Taps does that.
About the Author Robin Turner
written by Bugles Across America Founder Tom Day:
Robin Turner

“I’m honored to introduce Robin Turner. Forgive the pun: he didn’t come to the author’s world to toot his own horn. And while I confess I’ve never met him in person, I’ve kept abreast of his adventures with “Buzz” Bugle sounding Taps on behalf of hundreds of fallen—not forgotten—everyday heroes. He’s the quintessential Bugles Across America volunteer, carrying on the tradition of rendering the honors to those who’ve put on the uniform to serve our country through many generations. When he and “Buzz” step up, there’s no battery to blame for failure, no computer chip or disc to hold accountable. No, when Robin steps up, the 24 notes of Taps truly come from his heart. He wrote this book to share his remembrances and to give back to an organization in which he’s found such fulfillment: Bugles Across America.”

Honor the sound; Sound the honors

2023 Note from the Author: “We went public with Sounding Taps: A Duty of Remembrance a year ago. To those who took the leap of faith and ordered a copy: Thank you! The feedback has been heartwarming, sales far exceeding our expectations.

“That said, Sounding Taps was never a commercial effort, nor am I interested in laying claim to the title, author. I’m just a lone bugler, the collector of stories. And the book, as beautiful as it is (thank you, Smith Publishing Company), is just my part in a national effort to provide real buglers to sound Taps at military funerals at no cost to families of the fallen or the government. With all due, true heartfelt respect to those who’ve had no alternative to using a boombox or digital recording of the soldier’s last lullaby, this is a reminder that every single soldier, sailor, airman, and marine at one time selflessly pledged their life on our behalf. Not one was digital. So, too, then must be the sweetest of all bugle calls, Taps.
“With Memorial Day approaching, please check out our website ( or head for and consider giving a copy of Sounding Taps: A Duty of Remembrance to your favorite veteran, a member of your local honor guard, or volunteer bugler. I promise, every single dollar raised is given to Bugles Across America, a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to honoring the sound.”
My thoughts: This is a beautiful book to savor, story after story. The author was bothered at a burial service by “an undignified, electronic bugle rendition of something that sounded like Taps.” A veteran himself, Robin Turner learned to play the bugle. He was so moved by the experience of sounding Taps that he visited several cemeteries to seek out veterans’ gravesites to honor them with the soulful cry of his bugle and a salute. A poignant reminder of those Americans who’ve served our nation.


  1. Thank you for your service Mr. Turner, and God’s blessings sir. Yours is a gift that is indelibly etched into the hearts and minds of all those who have had a loved one honored by your service.

  2. I wrote Turner’s book information on a sticky note and put it on my phone sleeve so I won’t forget to buy his book! Thank you, Mr. Turner, for your caring heart. Thank you, Joy, for sharing his information.

  3. What a wonderful thing he’s done with is life. I will definitely put this book on my list, I’m very happy he wrote it. Thank you for everything, Mr. Turner and Joy!!

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