You gotta take the pencil sharpener

by Chad Elliott
Grandpa Alma Blair called me on my birthday Monday. He told me he was proud of me and was excited about the new art studio. He also urged that I shouldn’t waste time and energy thinking about the house I just left. It was the house he and Grandma built for the family many years ago.
He said, “You can’t get stuck in life. You have to go with the changes. Don’t sit still.”
After all of this he wisely added, “But I hope you took the pencil sharpener.”
I learned how to draw on the floor of my family gatherings. I used this pencil sharpener thousands of times as a kid.
It is built well. It has seen lots of use over the years.
I had nearly forgotten about it, until my brother Eric Elliott and I were walking the rooms one last time. He saw it and said, “You gotta take the pencil sharpener.”
He, too, understood the significance of this sharpener to me as a kid.
I love my family. They get me. They see the big picture.
So…this old sharpener will be installed at the new Elliott Art Studio .
Only a couple days left to pitch in. Thanks so much! Keep your pencil sharp.
P.S. Happy Birthday Grandpa!
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  1. I love this nostalgic story about a pencil sharpener. My husband has his father’s pencil sharpener that’s probably about 70 years old. It works great even though it hasn’t been oiled since we’ve had it. It’s a Boston Champion.

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