The New “Leora Book” a topic on The Culture Buzz

John Busbee’s irrestible review of Leora’s Early Years: Guthrie County Roots is on page 5 of the Jan/Feb2023 issue of Iowa History Journal.

This week, on his weekly radio program, The Culture Buzz, he interviewed the owner and publisher of Iowa History Journal, Michael Swanger. Here are the compelling stories in the new issue.

Toward the end of the 14-minute interview, John and Michael included a few words about the newest “Leora book,” if you’d like to listen in.  It was an amazing experience to catch two people I respect discussing the Leora stories.

John Busbee (left) is a creative projects developer, recipient of the 2014 Iowa Governor’s Award for Collaboration & Partnership in the Arts, produces The Culture Buzz weekly radio program since 2007, and is a regular contributor to Iowa History Journal and other publications.

He wrote the foreword to Leora’s Dexter Stories: The Scarcity Years of the Great Depression and has edited the last two books. He is an encourager extraordinaire, who’s interviewed me a couple of times on The Culture Buzz.

Journalist Michael Swanger (right) is the publisher and editor of Iowa History Journal. This is their 15th year of publication.

Michael Swanger’s short overview of the new issue of IHJ, which includes Leora’s Early Years at the end.


  1. The Iowa History Journal sounds like a wonderful publication for you and others to share their family history and also learn about other well-known Iowans. The two commentators had me interested and I’m not a resident! Their words of praise for you must certainly inspire the continuance of your work.

    • I’ve subscribed to IHJ for years and have saved all the copies. I certainly didn’t expect anything like this to happen, but I certainly welcome it! Thank you, Nancy.

  2. I enjoyed listening to the interview, including much I didn’t know about George Washington Carver. Kudos to you for the shout-out about your contributions to preserving Iowa history with the Leora books!

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