SPAM (and a Letter Jacket)

There was a Scout who enjoyed campouts. I got a kick out of it when it was his patrol’s turn to plan the meals for a weekend. That included shopping for everything.

He also liked SPAM. He’d heard of it but had never tasted it, so we bought a small can. He was hooked. Every weekend his patrol was in charge, all the kids knew they’d have “SPAM McMuffins” for breakfast

It earned him the nickname of SPAM.

His Grandma Doris bought a Valley High School letter jacket for his academic and music (three choruses) awards. He paid to have the name on is changed from DAN to SPAM!

I’m not a fan of SPAM (I think it’s the texture) and a lot of people really dislike it. But a surprising 17-minute story about it on Our American Stories changed my mind about its food value. (One of my favorite WHO-Radio personalities admitted that he enjoys toasted SPAM and Velveeta cheese sandwiches!)

Since SPAM is a product of Hormel, the SPAM Museum is in Austin, Minnesota. Hey, it looks like fun! You can even buy SPAM cookbooks there. I wonder if any include an Iowa Scout’s version of SPAM McMuffins.

Who’s ready for SPAM Figgy Pudding?



  1. I had it as a kid and liked it. In an effort to relive that experience, I had some a few years ago and was appalled at the amount of salt in it! But in WWII, millions of soldiers survived on it. Nonetheless, whenever I pass it on the shelves today, I’m tempted to grab a can–but not the figgy pudding version!

  2. That’s a funny story about the letter jacket! I ate fried Spam as a kid, usually along with Kraft macaroni and cheese. Yum! I would not eat it now, though, as a choice. Better things and finer tastes these days!

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