Thrillers by Jeff Bailey–Terrorists, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Warheads!

If you like to give books as gifts, here’s a couple for readers who enjoy spine-chilling tales:

The Defect

Terrorists have infiltrated the staff of the Desert Canyons nuclear power station. They want to melt it down and spread radioactive waste all over Southern California. Think it can’t happen today? Think again. At two in the morning in 2013, an unknown hooded person infiltrated a nuclear power plant in Tennessee. Shots were fired. It never made national news. None of what you read here ever happened, the cover-up was too complete. This story is based on actual events.

My thoughts: While frightening, The Defect would make a compelling film. Even though I know nothing about nuclear reactors, the author masterfully leads the reader through the alertness and security involved, while learning about the characters. The good guys and the terrorists are from all over the world, some drawn by America’s freedoms and job possibilities, some bent on destroying them. The reader is drawn into the thought processes of both, while dealing with radioactive meltdown, which is based on actual events. The possibilities for major destruction are haunting.

Not on My Watch!

Two nuclear warheads have been stolen, two guards have been murdered in cold blood, and the only witness has given chase. Unarmed and outnumbered, Lance Corporal Cassandra Sing must use all her Marine training to keep her wits about her as she attempts to thwart a group of men who have no problems doing whatever it takes to get what they want…

My thoughts: If you like reading thrillers, thrillers that include terrorists, Not on My Watch is for you. If you love satisfying stories about strong women, even better! The heroine of this one is a young woman Marine, one gutsy gal!

Author Jeff Bailey

I write nuclear conspiracy thrillers novels for a reason. I worked in nuclear related technologies for forty-five years. My first U.S. Army assignment at nineteen years old was to repair and maintain nuclear weapons. In 2012, I retired from the science staff of a national laboratory. In the years in between, I built, initially started, or operated a variety of nuclear power and research reactors.

While I infuse my nuclear resume into my stories, I base the stories themselves on true events from everyday news items. I based my recent fiction release, The Defect, on the actual events surrounding the meltdown and destruction of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Station and on the lone gunman attack on Watts Barr Nuclear Power Station. The Wikipedia account of Three Mile Island says that the failure of an air pilot valve contributed to the accident. In The Defect, the defective air pilot valve is the hero.

Welcome to my world.

Jeff Bailey’s website.

Here’s an interview of author Jeff Bailey, with fascinating backstories to his novels.


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