Review of “Leora’s Early Years” by Author Elaine Briggs

Elaine Briggs

In Leora’s Early Years, Joy Neal Kidney brings to life the challenges her pioneering ancestors faced and shows how the love of family brought them closer together and helped them survive.

Helping and working hard were just what everyone in the family did. I was amazed that at the young age of seven, Leora took the buggy and team of horses by herself to pick up her Grandpap from the train station. She even milked the cows. Her brothers Wayne and Merl plowed the fields at six and seven. Imagine that!

The children did chores and pitched in without complaining. Growing up through good times and hard times, Leora and her siblings developed strong values and built character.

I especially loved the stories about the one-room school and the interesting details of Leora’s family and their way of life from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Like Joy’s first two books, Leora’s Early Years was a pleasure to read.

Elaine Briggs has been such an encouragment to me through all three Leora books, teaching me how to convert all those old photos to 300 dpi for publishing, and just telling me to keep going, that I could see each of them through to actually birthing each book.

Elaine is the author of two books. Joe Dew: A Glorious Life is a biography of her remarkable father.

Her latest is Yes! All Can!: Increase Reading Levels in Weeks, Resolve Conflicts and Build Character, Develop Leadership with a Foreword by John Corcoran, well-known author of The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read.

Here is Elaine’s Amazon Author Page.


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