Lee Habeeb, founder and host of Our American Stories

I am so grateful to Lee Habeeb, who is the founder and host of Our American Stories, a talk radio executive, and Newsweek essayist. When asked if he would write the foreword for Leora’s Early Years, this very busy man said he’d happy to! When he asked how long I’d like it, I wasn’t fond of long ones so I suggested one page.

The very next day, I happily read one four pages long, so I quickly sent Lee a note saying to write whatever he felt led to write. The foreword is longer than any of the chapters, but I’m so thankful this busy man took the time to enhance the book.

I’ve recorded more than a dozen stories for Our American stories during the past three years. When you listen to the program, Lee introduces each story and makes a comment at the end.

Locally they are aired week nights over WHO-NEWSRADIO 1040 am. They are also podcast through iHeart and Spotify.  Recently Lee Habeeb was ranked #12 in Talker Magazine‘s “Heavy Hundred,” a subjective power ranking of the nation’s talk radio hosts.

Lee Habeeb is also a University of Virginia Law School graduate and lives in beautiful Oxford, Mississippi, with his wife Valerie, daughter Reagan, two pugs (Leroy Jenkins and Bubba), two cats (Spunky and Mario) and twelve chickens. 


Lee Habeeb, (photobomber Kurt Bowermaster), Guy, Me, OAS producer Matt “Montie” Montgomery. Our Iowa Stories night at the Urbandale Machine Shed, July 2021

These four minutes introduce Our American Stories.

Here’s Lee’s 12-minute story about his mother.

His 12-minute story about three key elements in his early life that changed and shaped his life.

Leora’s Early Years: Guthrie County Roots



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