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Finding a good book is easier thanks to a website called Shepherd is trying to make online book browsing more “magical.” They invite authors to share their own books, then share five related books and tell why they chose those specific titles.

Shepherd uses artificial intelligence to find fun ways to connect books to help readers follow their curiosity.

I’ve shared both “Leora books” on, along with World War 2 stories that are surprising and compelling. It was fun to do, and the concept is so enjoyable. Within the World War 2 section, you can browse books and author’s book suggestions. You can also jump to related topics like prisoners of war or Winston Churchill.

How about the best books on little-known aspects of the Confederate era? (Dennis Peterson)

The best books of surprising stories of the Great Depression. (Mine)

The best Christian fiction books with memorable characters.

Try it out. I think you’ll enjoy it.

For you authors, check out their Shepherd For Authors page. That’s how I started with both Leora books. 



  1. I have this on my list for when my book comes out. I need to do some browsing, too. Has anyone interested with you and your books and suggestions?

    • I don’t know! Once I was asked to do an interview after they found me on Twitter! You just never know, unless the persons tells where they connected with you.

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