Bridal Shower Dessert, 1966

This lemon dessert was served at my 1966 bridal shower with Guy’s family and friends from Glidden, Iowa. I made it for decades with different flavors–butterscotch, chocolate, pistachio (a pretty green), besides our favorite lemon.

Guy's Aunt Vesta's Lemon Nut Dessert

1st layer: 1 cup flour
           1/2 cup melted butter
           1/2 cup pecan chips
2nd layer: 1 cup powdered sugar
           2 cups Cool Whip
           1 8-ounce pkg. cream cheese
3rd layer: 1 16-ounce box lemon instant pudding
           3 cups milk
4th layer: 2 cups Cool Whip
Top:       additional pecan chips

Combine 1st layer and press into a 9X13" pan. Bake at 350 degrees 15 minutes. Cool. Combine 2nd later and spread over crust. Combine 3rd layer according to package directions (using 3 cups of milk instead of 4). Spread over 2nd layer. Spread Cool Whip on top and sprinkle with nuts.

If using chocolate pudding, sprinkle with mini chocolate chips, etc.

The other special thing about the day is that all four of our grandmothers were there. I wish I had a photo with Guy’s grandmothers–Rosie Kidney and Teresa Walker.

This photo shows Grandma Leora Wilson, Guy’s cousin LaVonne (Kidney) Farner (Aunt Vesta’s oldest daughter), unknown girl, Mom serving coffee, Grandma Ruby Neal. May 1966, Ralston, Iowa


  1. Back when weddings were about faith and family. Today’s weddings are staged events, carefully choreographed spectacles designed to impress the attendees. We had cake and coffee in the church basement. Our marriage has lasted 56 years so far.

  2. Wow, that is so special that all your grandmothers were there!!! At my shower, my one grandmother had passed the year before, and my maternal grandmother who I was so close to was sick that day and couldn’t attend! It was so disappointing to me. The dessert looks yummy!

    • Three grandmothers were at the wedding. One of Guy’s stayed home with his retarded brother. So few photos were taken that day that we didn’t get any of the ones who came!

  3. Amazing how your 1966 picture looks exactly like it was lifted right from our photo album. I had to squint carefully to confirm that I do not actually recognize anyone.

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