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Thursday evening’s program was after my bedtime, but we did a run through a little earlier. What a pleasant surprise that host Mark Prasek led with Our American Stories.

I guess I do look like my mother these days. When he first saw the photo of Aunt Darlene and Mom, he didn’t realize it’d been taken in 1997. Those sisters were about my age when they made the trip to visit their brother Danny Wilson’s grave in eastern France.

This lasts 20 minutes, if you’d like to watch it.


  1. Grr, I don’t know why but I haven’t been able to watch videos on blogs lately. I needed to investigate what the problem is. Congrats, though!!!!!

  2. Joy – This was a delightful interview about Our American Stories and those we should never forget. You are a gem. And your book is making positive waves.

  3. A blessing indeed to listen, watch, and learn from you Ms. Joy. I hope you’ll visit PJNET TV again and share more of your family’s wonderful legacy of faith and good old American values with us.

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