Interview Thursday on PJNET

Confession: I avoid TV. Don’t watch it, haven’t asked for an interview even for the Leora stories. Then I was invited to one online. When? Thursday, at my bedtime. My first reaction was to decline.

But I follow the blog and social media of the Texas rancher and cattleman who suggested me as a guest. J.D. Wininger is such an encourager, sharing the posts of so many, along with positive comments.

In his recent poignant post, “The Quiet Cowboy,” you’ll quickly get to know him and his heart for the Lord. He’s been a guest on PJNET, adding details to his quiet cowboy story.

Bottom line: Believing this is a God-nudge, I said yes. (Mum about my fibromyalgia-self that late in the day.)

If you’d like in on it, I think there’s a button on PJNET where you can click “interested” or “going,” and you can make comments while it’s being streamed. (Thursday, 8:00 pm CDT)




  1. I watched your interview live last night, Joy. You did very well, relaxed, poised, and engaging! I’d say you’re getting the hang of this media thing.

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