Dad’s Reverse Mohawk

This is where it happened. The red stepstool.

This is also where Mom undid my braids when I was a kid, and redid them every morning for school.

And Dad? There are two seasons of the year where farmers don’t have time to sit at the barber and wait for a haircut. Mom bought clippers with snap-on guide combs for the right length.

One time, only once, she forgot attach one, or it was the wrong one. Too late, she realized what she’d done.

Mom began to laugh!

Dad? Not so much. But they decided Mom should “even it up” as best she could. And he’d be wearing a cap most of the time anyway.

But in those days, a farmer would never wear a cap in the local cafe for coffee. Dad did, though, looking a little abashed.

A cap is a useful item for a farmer’s bad-hair day. Or week. Or longer.

Dad didn’t attend church until his hair grew out enough. But everyone in Dexter knew the story.


  1. Such a delightful story…an honest mistake for sure! I think of how many home haircuts that do not always turn out so well. But, it is only hair and it grows back. 🙂 ( I can understand that your father would not find the situation very funny.) 🙂 Good sport with the cap!

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