Memoirs of “a Jewish Physician Who Took a Different Path”

“A Journey to feed your Soul. . . Give it time, give it space, give it thought,” writes H. Robert Rubin, M. D. on the back of one memoir. He has written three of them, each about 100 pages, over a five year period.

Look Backward Angel

When all is said and done, how does a person process deep anger? How to effectively work through difficult truths about a parent? To live with a legacy of a father-son chain disfunction?

Though not written in a linear fashion, this memoir works through tough memories from childhood honestly. His vulnerability is compelling.

How Did I Get Through This?

Dr. Bob Rubin examines his own life with candidness and humor. Honest about his own foibles, he shares his struggles and thoughts to connect with readers. He calls retirement a chance at a second childhood, but says that money and self-respect are also handy for this phase of life. A delightful collection of stories.

Please Save the Third Dance for Me

From coffee’s extraordinary dance to the idea of God’s hand in our lives. From behaving sophomorically as a sophomore to forgiveness as a process. This engaging memoir is so refreshing!

Dr. Rubin’s website

His Amazon Author’s Page

From Dr. Rubin’s post on March 15: “Patricia Hampl is an American memoirist. In describing memoir she calls it ‘A single voice singing its aria in a corner of the crowded world.’

“It is so true. We each have our stories. Those of us who write memoirs are trying to make music. That’s what we are after. We want to engage your imagination, your fascination, your sense of humor, your childlike wonder in listening to a story.

“It is singular. We each have our unique stories in time and place. At our best memoirists touch the reader deeply. When that happens we are singing a beautiful aria.”

I think you’d enjoy Dr. Rubin’s memoirs as well as his “Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey” blog posts.

A quote from his recent post called “To Write”: “Writing is an art, a privilege, and a blessing.”


    • I’m on draft #4 of book three. I don’t think it “sings” yet, so I’m praying about that! (I’m a “slogger” when it comes to writing, with tenacity trumping talent, I’m afraid.)

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