Emelia Ann, Grandmother of Leora Goff Wilson

Emelia Ann Moore was born December 27, 1846. The next day, Iowa became the 29th State of the Union.

Emelia moved to the new state with her parents and siblings when she was nine years old.

Emelia Jordan with her daughters, 1907 or 1908. Standing: Laura Jordan Goff, Cora Jordan Parrish. Seated: Lottie Jordan Anderson, Emelia, and Floy Jordan Cowden

She married David Jordan in 1868, and became the parents of ten children. My great grandmother, Laura Jordan Goff, was their firstborn.

Laura’s next three siblings died while still youngsters. When Laura was eight years old, a sister was born who would grow to adulthood with her, along with five more children. 

After Emelia was widowed in 1913, her oldest granddaughter Leora stayed at Monteith. They stopped in town to visit Emelia’s youngest son, Fred Jordan, who was Leora’s young uncle. Fred was married to Rectha, whose brother was Clabe Wilson.

That’s how Leora and Clabe met!

I am the keeper of  Emelia’s vinegar cruet, a small plate with poppies, and a birthday card she sent her granddaughter Leora before 1911.

Clifton, Colorado (visiting a son’s family there). Dear Grand Daughter all are well hope all are well with you hope you will live to see many more bright and happy birthdays your loving Grandmother Emilia Jordan. To Mis [sic] Leora Goff, Audubon Co, Audubon, Iowa RFD, Rout [sic] no 2
The only thing better than an heirloom, is an heirloom from you motherline!


  1. You’re fortunate to have ancestors who saved what is generally called ephemora. Apparently, my ancestors were not “keepers” of such important things. 🙁

    • What a lovely word! I’m surprised these were saved, although Emelia lived in only a couple of homes, in and near Monteith. But her daughter and granddaughter moved so many times! I’m also thankful that Grandma Leora was faithful to label things.

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