“Yes! All Can!” by Elaine Briggs

Yes! All Can!

This is one teacher’s true story of three classes she creates, as well as her students’ accomplishments. Elaine Briggs shares a roadmap for her Reading, Peer Mediation, and Leadership classes.

This energetic teacher discovers Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI), which revolutionizes the teaching of reading for all ages. Those strategies dramatically raise reading levels of high schoolers and the elementary students they tutor, winning the Excellence and Michigan’s Best awards.

Yes! All Can! is for teachers, parents, and those who care about making a lasting difference. Join Elaine on this uplifting journey.

Elaine Briggs earned an Elementary Education degree K-8, Master in Reading K-12 at Eastern Michigan, and Special Education Emotional Impairment Certificate K-12 at Toledo University. She taught at Milan Federal Correctional Institution, Boysville Juvenile Delinquency Center, and Milan High School. She is retired and lives with her husband on their farm near Milan, Michigan.

The Foreword to her book was written by John Corcoran, author of The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read, The Reading Gap, and The Bridge to Literacy.

Yes! All Can! is available here.


My thoughts: In this valuable book, Elaine presents her awesome successes in reading and leadership, which worked so well in such a short time. Dozens of former students share how her methods have influenced them. So many of them are already passing them on to another generation.

The inviting Foreword is by noted educator John Corcoran, who learned to read as an adult. The Appendices include specific activities and enrichments utilized, along with a two-page Bibliography.

May this captivating book have a great impact on future education of our kids!

Elaine Briggs has also written a biography about her amazing father, who grew up during the Great Depression, was commander of a battalion with the 741st Tank Battalion during the Battle of the Bulge, awarded medals (Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross, and Bronze Star) as, and went on to have a career with General Motors. Joe Dew: A Glorious Life.


  1. Now this is a book I want to read. Working with AWANA kids at our church, I think it vitally important to help them develop into leaders. Great for classrooms and homeschoolers alike. Thanks for introducing this Ms. Joy!

  2. I hadn’t heard of Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI). I looked it up, and it seems to be based on phonics, which is how I learned to read.

  3. Phonics definitely worked! It worked well for a very long time!!! There have been many methods tried, but this particular one is a winner! 🙂

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